The Interview

DRESS UP!!!  Wow I saw so many people in the interview waiting room wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Really?  Is this how we dress to impress?  Educate yourself people.  Don’t dress for the job you’re interviewing for, dress for the one you want.  That is what I was always taught.  Do you want to work at the bottom the rest of your life?  Maybe you do and then yeah, maybe you should wear those ripped jeans and t-shirt.  If you want to look smart and at least appear to know what you’re doing, dress up.   

SPEAK UP!!!! Don’t make my mistake and bumble at the beginning of the interview.  When the casting lady came out and threw out her hand with a smile, “Nice to meet you,” I shook her hand and tried to say it back, but barely audible words came out.  I couldn’t form a sentence properly because I was so excited and nervous.  Afterwards, I was better.  I calmed right down and started walking down the long hallway to her office.  She went right into it.  She asked right off why I wanted to work at Disney.   Nerves calmed down and I started to speak up and more importantly, speak properly.  

SMILE!!!!  I saw a few people go into the interview with such frowns and serious faces on.  Disney is a happy place and they want happy employees!  Also, don’t over smile…. what does that mean?  Don’t fake a smile.  Don’t do the Disney yet.  They want someone real.  They want real happy and real smiles, not fake and forced smiles.  These people are so well trained, well trained to know the difference between someone who is smiling on the inside as well as the outside. 

ENJOY!!  Just enjoy the interview.  I waited for an hour before my interview.  I went in early and sat down in a room full of hopefuls.   The nerves were rising more and more.  I had so many thoughts in my mind.  It is a big decision to move down to Florida.  Just smile and have fun with the interview.

P.S. I got the job.

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The Application

The application process.

Let first start by saying that I have been a Disney fan for a long time.  Not one of those Disney freaks though.  Not someone who wants to get married at Disney.  Not someone who lives and breathes everything Disney.  Not someone who grew up next to Disney and went there every weekend with their family or friends.  I went three times when I was little.  In college, I live out near Disneyland and grew to love the place then.  It is a magical land.  There I could forget all the pain and sorrow in my life and just relive those three magical times I went when I was little.

That is the beauty and magic of Disney.  It is a place where one can go and forget life and relive one’s childhood.  Since graduating school with a degree in film, I have been looking for a job in that area.  My hometown isn’t exactly in an area where movies are being made.  In fact I am very far away from anything film related.

Now, I’ve wanted to work at Disney World since 4 years ago after I graduated school.  It is just now that I am able to move to Florida and try my hand at Disney.  I have nothing else keeping me home.  I live with my parents.  My parents are awesome and supportive and amazingly loving and I love them for it.  They have helped me so much these past four years, but I am now 27 years old and am ready for the next step in my life.   So here I go.

I applied online multiple times but never got a call.  This time, 2014, my resolution was to find a job!  A good job!  A job that is fun!  So applied again to Disney World…. this time I immediately got an email back!

Man, that application was complicated.  Though it was better than some applications that ask things like, “Have you every stolen anything from the company you work for?” Disney more wants to know, “If a kid hits his finger with a hammer do you, A: distract him and try to make him laugh or. B: Teach him how to use the hammer.” Seriously, that was one of the questions.

Disney also wants to know, “How good are you talking in front of others?” Now, I’ve kind of been a shy person at first, but once you get to know me I’m very outgoing.  Recently though I think I’ve come out of my shell.  I’ve had others beat me down and I’m sick and tired of it.  I voice my opinions now.  I stand up for myself.  I try to make others laugh, even though sometimes inside I’m not so happy.  I think Disney World is the perfect place to just forget about yourself and try to make others laugh.  Enjoy making others happy.  I have been self-absorbed lately because I’ve had so many boyfriends and jobs these last 4 years.  It’s hard graduating from college and having loans to pay back.  It’s hard to have to move back in with the parents after being on your own for 4 years.  But enough about me.  We’re not here for us.  We’re here to help others.  Think about someone else for a change.  I love people and want my life to be about others and what I think God wants me to do for them.  It’s not about me.

Anyway, application sent.  They emailed back.  Job interview coming next: January 24th.  Wish me luck, Readers!

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